Rebuilding Nepal through Volunteering Trips and Tours

Nepal is in rebuilding and recovering phase after devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015 followed by numerous aftershocks. Along with capital city of Kathmandu, mostly village areas have been through massive scale of destruction. As we all know that Nepal is beautiful Himalayan country that has been close to billions of people all around the world. The grand Himalayas, trekking adventures, natural and cultural heritage tours are activities that everyone would love to embark in. Tourism sector acts as oxygen for local communities here and this natural disaster has made it very scarce. Therefore we have developed the concept of ‘voluntourism’ which is a blend of two words ‘Volunteer’ and ‘Tourism’ with an appeal to embark for volunteering trips and tours at affected villages for helping Nepal in rebuilding and recovering process. In this way, you will not only be visiting Nepal as a traveler but you will be involved in most generous thing in the world, i.e. helping the local affected communities in the way you can. Your visit to those communities will not only boost them morally but seeing you offering a helping hand would be something that they would never forget. If you are from medic...

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